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There are many different remote viewing methods which may be employed, all of which have the same goal: using your natural ability to ‘see’ something which is beyond the reach of your five ordinary senses. It all happens with the power of your mind.

Somewhat like having an out of body experience or doing ‘astral travel,’ it’s not quite the same thing. Instead, remote viewing uses your natural extrasensory abilities and psychic powers, and you can develop them into this particular skill.

The ability to take part in remote viewing is a natural occurrence. All human beings have the innate ability to take part in this venture which leads to many people not being aware of their actual talents. Yes, it is possible to sense or see something that is not in your immediate vicinity.

Remote viewing methods are often thought of as ‘new age’ practices and even ridiculed, to say nothing of remote viewing itself. However, remote viewing is a natural skill which is no more ridiculous than the ability to swim.

Remote Viewing by Any Other Name Is Still Remote Viewing

Take for example someone receiving some sort of psychic signal which does not have another individual as its origin; we would term this person a clairvoyant. When there are two people sending messages directly from one mind to another, we call this telepathy.

Sometimes remote viewing can be instigated by maternal love in which a mother may view from far away that her children need help.

When it comes to developing these innate skills we all have, including remote viewing, he have to stay open-minded so that you can enhance your senses and your ‘extrasensory’ perception skills. You can also enhance your mind, body and soul in other ways by becoming receptive to new ideas that are in fact probably older than space and time as we know them.

What’s Entailed with Various Remote Viewing Methods?

If you want to learn how to do remote viewing, you’ll have to have the ability to get yourself into the right frame of mind, which means you either have to develop your own natural abilities of extrasensory perception or give yourself some training and meditation and visualization. There are varieties of ways in which you can do each. It’s up to you to find those that work for your lifestyle and for you in general.

Practices such as guided visualizations and meditation when done can help us to enhance our focus and concentration and in this way gives us the power to intently think and focus on something and anything that we want to.

It does take time and practice so remain patient with your endeavours while remaining diligent in your determination for being receptive to images or messages that you may receive.

There are also a number of helpful aids you can employ when trying to alter your state of consciousness and develop these very necessary skills. Media aids are among the most popular because they have the potential to deliver the best results. These aids include tapes and recordings that provide excellent insights into how to develop these skills.

If you take some time to look and see what the various methods of remote viewing training and techniques are, you’ll find that some of them will work well for you, and some will be of no use to you. You’ll need to find methods that work best for you so that you can be successful with your remote viewing.

Finally, trust your own impressions and natural instinct. You’re learning to hone your skills with remote viewing, and many images may not make sense at first. Still, you should trust them and yourself as you learn.

As with other types of training, no matter the field, it is beneficial to begin small and work upon the steps and precepts as you progress from one lesson to another.

You may want to start off with just a few easy to visualize, clear images to use as your remote viewing targets. Use photographs or illustrations.

In some instances, you can place specific illustrations or photos in an envelope and seal it. You can then perform practice sessions and see how well your skills are enhancing. Be sure to record your results in a remote viewing journal for research purposes.

It’s important that you remain patient with yourself and the results you receive while you’re practicing and learning various remote viewing techniques and methods.

With continual practice you’ll keep improving until before long, you’ll be remote viewing with clarity any time you like.

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